Top 10 Things To Do

at MLE2019

We've made you your very own checklist of things not to miss at the Expo. Aren't we nice! 😁

1. MEET Browngirlproblems1

Meet the person behind 'Browngirlproblems1' in our live Q&A on the MLE Stage. Rucksar Naaz is a social media sensation racking up over 1 million followers with people watching her hilarious videos about every day first world problems. This is going to be busy! (Sunday only)

2. See Mesut Kurtis

Oh my lord! We can't wait to see one of the biggest stars of nasheed and Islamic Music! Mesut Kurtis will be performing LIVE on our Stage on Saturday 26th October. His unforgettable rendition of the Burdah and the music video for it have become modern‐day classics, and his new album “Tabassam” promises to be yet again a groundbreaking phenomenon.

3. Live Comedy from Aatif Nawaz

We are excited to welcome one half of the duo behind BBC 3's hit 'Muzlamic', Aatif Nawaz. Get ready for one of the UK's finest Asian comedians to share his rib-tickling thoughts on everything from Cricket to Muslims and anything in between! See him on Saturday 26th on our main stage.

4. The MLE Food Court

This year we have sourced an international flavour for your taste buds in our Food Court. Delight in Moroccan, Mexican, Palestinian and South Asian cuisine. Our food court will be the place to be at MLE2019

5. Learn in our Seminar sessions

Every year we bring you a wide selection of popular topics in our MLE Seminar sessions. Pull up a chair.

6. See an Islamic Art gallery

See a selection of contemporary Islamic Art from far and wide that will move, inspire and take your breath away.

7. Shop 'til you drop!

Shop the latest products and services from over 100+ exhibitors from around the world! You'll be sure to find something for the whole family

8. Watch Foodie stars

See not ONE ... but TWO super cooks in our food theatre Afelia's Kitchen and Cook with Anisa will be erm ... 'cooking' up some tasty tasty delights in our Food Theatre! Even better is when she shares the food with the audience! Get in line people!

9. Food Tasting

Top10-food court

Our food exhibitors are waiting to serve you samples of their delicious food with YOU! Come and taste something new! Gourmet Chips, delicious Middle eastern food, Halal hot-dogs, Moroccan cuisine and salivating desserts to top it off! You'll be mad to say no.

10. Meet a legend

Top10-Peter Sanders

This is one of our faves. MLE is honoured to welcome Peter Sanders who is an acclaimed international photographer of the Muslim world. At MLE he will be sharing his journey of Islam, the spiritual world of saints, sages and enlightened beings of Islam. See him on Sunday 27th in our Seminar sessions. Also, he'll be showcasing some of his photography in the art gallery