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2.8 million consumers

If you are a business, brand awareness is invaluable to you. As a Businesses you have the opportunity for your companies to become a leader in your sector by becoming one of our main sponsors. With the trillion dollar rise in the Muslim lifestyle sectors, businesses looking for new growth opportunities and markets can utilise our trusted events platform to reach thousands of new customers.

This event will attract a broad spectrum of the public and businesses from far and wide. With the trillion dollar growth of Muslim lifestyle sectors, brands like Tesla Motors entered the arena at our pioneering MLE2015 event to great success. Globally, brands like D&G, Wal-Mart, Tesco and H&M are already reaping the rewards and recognise the lucrative opportunities the ‘Muslim pound‘ can bring.

Let the Muslim Lifestyle Expo show you how.

MLE launched the UK’s first Muslim lifestyle B2B conference called MLE Connect to phenomenal media success. It demonstrated how our trusted events platform can attract big brands and more importantly,  bring them to you.

Top Six Reasons to Sponsor

Use the MLE platform to generate opportunities for sales, new leads and engage with people who are keen to do business with you.

We provide you with the platform to generate opportunities for sales, new leads, and for you to engage with people who are keen to do business with you.

Sponsoring MLE will provide your brand with exposure on TV, Global PR, Press ads, over 60k flyer drops, direct mail campaigns and Event signage

Use the opportunity to feature the Muslim Lifestyle Expo (MLE) logo and brand to publicise your sponsorship of an international Expo and create marketing activity through your own channels.

MLE provides a great opportunity for sponsors to network with customers and businesses, engage with new sectors and take advantage of leads generated.

Our national Marketing and PR promotional campaign will ensure MLE is a great success. This includes online and offline marketing through flyers, leaflets, active social media campaigns, TV and press ads.

The Muslim Lifestyle Expo has a fantastic range of sponsorship and advertising opportunities to provide your brand with high visibility placement and promotion. PR, print, digital, web, on-site and social media coverage will bring your business in front of consumers and businesses alike.

MLE offers you a range of tailor-made packages to suit your

marketing needs and budgets.