Seminar Themes and Titles


12:00 - Tech in the Muslim Economy: How to make millions with your ideas!

Speaker: Abdul Alim

This seminar shows you how you start and grow your own business from zero. How you take the risk away and maximise your chances of success. Learn all this and more in this exciting presentation packed with stories and golden nuggets that will empower you to start or grow your business immediately.

13:15 - Shariah Law vs. English Law- Is there a conflict?

Speaker: Moin Azmi – CEO, AML Solicitors

As one of the leading firm of solicitors for Shariah and Islamic law related work, in this seminar Moin talks about how Shariah Law is compatible with English law. His attention will focus on Islamic Wills & Inheritance, Human Rights and Divorce and Separation.

14:15 - ``Hollywood Muslim Baddies``

Speaker: Ala Hamdan

Changing and Challenging the Stereotypes.
A Muslim Film maker’s perspective


I remember watching The American Sniper movie and the TV series ‘24’ and feeling helpless. How can I as a Muslim woman and a filmmaker change how the world sees us through screens?  When my history and my religion are defined by a movie then it’s time to show my side of the story.

“Those who tell the stories rule the world.”

15:30 - Panel: Sisters are doing it for themselves

Chair: Saba Zaman, Broadcast Journalist

Panel Discussion


Women in wider society are generally under represented and under empowered, whether professionally in 9 to 5 roles or in Business. Muslim women of the past few years have been a driving force in the Muslim Lifestyle market and we bring together some of them for an inspiring and informative discussion on the empowerment of women.


  • Naz Shah MP
    Bradford West, The Labour Party
  • Saliha Mahmood Ahmed
    Winner of BBC Masterchef 2017
  • Roohi Hasan
    Senior Producer, ITV News
  • Dr Rimla Akhtar MBE
    FA Council Member / ‘Kick it Out’ Director, Chair MWSF
  • Dr. Hina Shahid
     International humanitarian and Chair Muslim Doctors Association

17:30 - Tackling Anti-Muslim Attitudes

Chair: Lauren Booth

Panel Discussion

Synopsis: With so many UK and global events involving Muslims, we could be forgiven for feeling under siege. The media has a big role to play in people’s perceptions of Muslims and how various events are projected to reinforce negative stereotypes. This seminar brings together leading figures in this field to reflect, discuss and reach conclusions on what lessons we can learn from these events, what our response should be as individuals and as a community, plus what responsibilities and actions our leaders should be taking to address these issues for the benefit of all.


  • Naz Shah
    MP Bradford West
  • Azad Ali
    Head of Community Development & Engagement, MEND
  • Ala Hamdan
    Arab-American Film Maker
  • Jahan Mahmood
    Military Historian and Counter-Terrorism Commentator


12:15 - Diabetes: tips, myths and how to avoid getting it

Speaker: Dr Mahendra Patel, South Asian Health Foundation (SAHF)

Understanding how different religious and cultural beliefs and attitudes may negatively affect diabetes prevention and management among those of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin.

13:15 - Everyone owns IP (Intellectual Property) what do you own?

Speaker: Gary Townley, HM Intellectual Property Office

Synopsis:  There are many simple and cost effective ways of protecting your ideas and your business. This short seminar will provide a brief overview of Patents, Trademarks, Designs and Copyright.

14:45 - Muslim Consumerism Series: Panel and Presentations

Chair: Abdalhamid Evans – Founder of Imarat Consultants

A series of presentations and a panel discussion.

Presentation 1
What Muslim Consumers Want: Marketing insights based on global research

Speaker: Martijn Lampert – Research Director, Motivaction-Netherlands

Synopsis:  The Muslim ‘Consumer Segment’ is one of the fastest growing groups in the global economy today. While we know a lot about their demographics, location and spending power, little data and research has been presented on the consumer mindset.

In this session, Martijn Lampert, Research Director Glocalities at Motivaction International will launch a comprehensive in-depth study conducted among 4,265 Muslim consumers from 24 countries, based on the Glocalities Research programme of Motivaction International. We will discover how Millennial Muslims think and what makes them special. We present values and lifestyle based Muslim consumer segments and zoom in on the cutting-edge segment of ‘Muslim Achievers’, which is set to leave its mark on the global economy. Finally, we will delve into differences and similarities between Muslims in the Western world and Muslims in Islamic markets and discuss the findings and implications for Muslim marketing based on case studies.

Presentation 2
From Farm to Supermarket – How Supermarkets are meeting Muslim Consumer demands

Speaker: Musadiq Jivraj, Senior Buyer, ASDA

Panel discussion
Current & Future Muslim consumer demands, trends, opportunities

Panel members:

  • Martijn Lampert, (from Motivaction)
  • AbdalHamid Evans (HalalFocus)
  • Musadiq Jivraj
  • Shazia Saleem (iEAT) – (invited, TBC)

16:30 - Hajj and Umrah Travel Guide

Speaker: Rashid Mogradia, CEO & Founder, Council forBritish Hajjis UK

The Council of British Hajjis (CBHUK) is a registered charity working for the welfare of British Hajj & Umrah pilgrims. Their work encompasses in delivering Health and Safety Seminars, Pre Hajj & Umrah training, Travel Vaccination and Advice Clinics.


Rashid Mogradia

CEO & Founder,

Abdul Alim

Director & Founder of

Musadiq Jivraj

Senior Buying Manager ASDA (Head of World Foods)


Senior academic, Huddersfield University

Saliha Mahmood Ahmed

Junior Doctor & Winner, Masterchef 2017

Jahan Mahmood

Counter-Terrorism Commentator and Military Historian


Business Events Manager, HM Intellectual Property Office

Lauren Booth

Journalist, Broadcaster and Human Rights Activist


Research Director, Motivaction Research & Strategy


Solicitor, Director and founding member of AML Solicitors


Arab-American Film maker

Azam Jaafri

Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of multiple brands


Founder, HalalFocus & Imarat Consultants UK

Dr. Rimla Akhtar MBE

FA & ICAS Councillor; SGSA & KickItOut Director.

Dr Hina Shahid

GP. Chair Muslim Doctors Association. International humanitarian

Naz Shah MP

Naz Shah MP

Roohi Hasan

Senior Producer ITN News


Head of Community Development & Engagement. MEND


Broadcast Journalist & Radio Producer